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Why a Resource Center

April 06 2010
April 06 2010


It has been over a year now since I began sharing what God was laying on my heart concerning the Christian Resource Center. I must say it almost feels like it was yesterday. I say this because I am still excited and passionate about the idea of bringing the much needed help to the church in Kenya. Having grown up in a minister`s home and being around church all of my life, I have seen the need for pastors and ministers to be more equipped for ministry of shepherding the flock entrusted to them by Christ. I realize that this is not an easy task, but one that requires a collective effort of individuals, churches, and Para-church organizations who see this need. It goes without saying especially in country where Christianity is thriving, more and more people are coming to Christ everyday in Kenya- in the cities as well as in remote villages in Maasai land and other nomadic pastoralist communities. I strongly feel that the need for sound doctrine is even greater in a country like Kenya, for various reasons: Kenya is a strategic country for missions in Africa- countries like Sudan, Somalia, and Eritrea, to name just a few, are in dire need of the Gospel. Kenya is a host to more than half a million refugees from these countries and others and this offers an opportunity for the church to minister to them. I also think that it is very important for Christians to be well grounded in faith. We are called to grow as Christians in our faith, and knowledge of God. True understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is at the core of our spiritual growth.

As many Kenyans go about life just like the rest of the world, they are faced with the challenges of everyday life; corrupt government, political instability, poverty, sickness, moral decay to name just a few. The question is how will Christians apply the Gospel to these situations? The church is faced with a people who are in need of a solution and answers to these difficult questions. I think one of the reasons ‘prosperity’ gospel has been very successful in Kenya is because some churches have offered a ‘quick solution’ to the problem of poverty by promising riches and wealth if they accept Christ. Although this is not the gospel, many people have found it attractive as they try to alleviate and minimize the pain and suffering of poverty. We so easily forget the role of suffering for Christians. Jesus did not say it would be easy, in this world we will have trials and tribulations- it`s part of being radical followers of Christ. (Col 1:24). This is not the only misleading doctrine being preached on the streets, but is a common example of how so many are distorting the truth of God`s word.

The idea here is to reach out to pastors and provide resources that are helpful in understanding and expounding God`s word. The Center will provide a place where pastors can have access to books, internet, and a space to prepare their sermons as well as study and research. Not to mention the interaction they will have with other pastors and share about ministry as a way of encouraging one another. The Coffee shop is intended to create an atmosphere of a community life within the Center. There is something about drinking coffee and books (people who love to read also love coffee-I think). Most importantly, the coffee shop will bring about sustainability- more about the coffee shop later, so keep reading this blog!

I am therefore hoping this blog will create an opportunity for the CRC of Kenya to interact with many like minded people who would love to see the church grow not only numerically but in her understanding of the true Gospel of Christ. Equipping Pastors International Inc. has been doing a great job of training pastors within the Africa Evangelical Presbyterian Church, and in other denominations. The CRC is working closely with EPI and hoping to do more by providing resources especially books. The need is there for a Resource Center, if we are going to see the church grow in Kenya and be able to minister to the rest of Africa, there is need to train pastors. We will only be able to change the common description that “the church in Africa is a hundred miles wide and only an inch deep” by providing sound doctrine material to the pastors who will teach, and nurture their flock in the right way. The CRC of Kenya will strive to achieve this goal…


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