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December 21 2010
December 21 2010


If you asked me what I thought about my trip to Chattanooga on Wednesday, December 8, my answer would have been,  "Cold, very cold." I was freezing during the whole drive from Orlando, because we decided to take my friend, Kedric Webster's, car which didn’t have heat. I had a couple of jackets on, hand gloves, hood and a blanket, but nothing could beat Ked`s cold car. On the other hand though, I was able to hold snow in my hands for the very first time. I also experienced the pain of driving through sleet and icy roads. The Floridians (Kenyans we were) freaked out when Ked couldn`t navigate a steep hill on our way to Bryan College on Thursday. He asked me what he should do and I told him, “Ked, I`m from Kenya, what do I know about driving in snow?” Thankfully we managed to get up the hill.

The cold aside, the trip was quite a blessing and an encouragement to me. My friends Brian and Hellen were wonderful hosts. I had Ugali and fish for dinner, which was a real special treat, thanks to Hellen. Brian and I were able to talk about ministry in Kenya, and it was such a blessing to hear what God is doing through his organization, R3 Ministries.

The highlight of the trip was meeting the the pastor of New City Fellowship Church, Randy Nabors. He was so kind to meet with me and offered much needed encouragement and wisdom on the way forward for the CRC. He talked about the importance of training and equipping local leaders and the benefits of having a sustainable project which does not always depend on funding. When I shared with pastor Randy about my own personal struggles and feelings of inadequacy he smiled and then said something I was not expecting to hear from him. "Inadequacy is a gift…I feel inadequate as the pastor here at NCF, and I hope you don`t grow out of feeling inadequate."

That was his prayer for me! When we feel inadequate we can depend on God`s wisdom and strength more than relying on our own ability and strength. The CRC is a bigger vision than I envision it to be and it can only be done through God`s power. My feelings of inadequacy should lead me to look at Christ and see that he has begun a good work in me and he will be faithful to complete it in me. I was also reminded of my own selfish ambitions and how easy it is to lose focus of what this Center is for: the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If the CRC is not gospel-centered and being a witness of Christ to the Kenyan community, we lose the vision.

II Cor. 12:9 “…my grace is sufficient for you, for my power if made perfect in weakness…”


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