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The Christian Resource Center (CRC) seeks to provide biblically sound, and relevant Christian resources to pastors/ministers and the church at large in Nairobi, Kenya.

The CRC was founded by the Rev. Josiah Katumu, first having the idea while studying at Reformed Theologial Seminary in Orlando, FL.

In a country like Kenya, where the church is growing faster than ever, the tools needed for a sound and firm foundation is crucial.

This center will help pastors shepherd their flock faithfully and preach Christ-centered sermons. It will encourage the youth to study the word of God diligently and grow in their spiritual walk. What people read influences the way we think, act and feel immensely. This is why it is urgent to make good and relevant resources readily available to Christians in Kenya.

One of the first points of contact with the CRC will be the library.  Often, many efforts to provide resrouces to church leaders in Kenya has meant that the donated books have found their way into people’s private libraries instead of being readily available to the targeted groups. With the CRC library people wlll be able to check books out or read them on site.

Though there are longer-term goals for the Christian Resource Center, the library is the first stage and is now set up in Nairobi, being used by local pastors. Below are a couple of photos of the library.  Thanks to the generosity of God's people the shelf space has completely filled up!


CRC Library 1

CRC Library