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May 02 2017
May 02 2017


CRC making progress

After a long hiatus of career changes, moves, and more, the website for the Christian Resource Center of Kenya is up and going again.

The last big move was shipping donated books to Nairobi from south Florida in 2015. The books are being set up in a library as we speak and pictures will be coming soon. We are gathering information on what is currently in the library and providing links to requested resources via online wish lists.

After initially setting up the CRC website and Facebook page, I (Kedric) have again taken over that responsibility. The website may have a makeover in the future, but for now we are keeping things simple and accessible. Links to the designated wish lists are under each resource category and books will be added over time. As the necessary books come in, these can easily be removed.

Information regarding how to donate to the CRC is being gathered and will be updated in the coming weeks. In the mean time, please send a note under the Contact link. Josiah will receive that. If there are any questions regarding the web site, those will be forwarded to me or you may comment on this blog post. We hope you'll stay with us on this exciting journey!


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