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I don’t believe in coincidences, chances, or accidents

December 21 2010
December 21 2010


I just finished the two meetings I had scheduled for today with the pastor of New City Fellowship-Chattanooga, Randy Nabors, and another fellow, while Kedric was visiting the local Ronald McDonald House.  Kedric and I drove around looking for a coffee shop with wi-fi. Niedlov`s is the place we settle on, located in downtown. I find a table for us and get some coffee while I tell Ked about my meeting.

In the far left corner is a lady working hard on her computer and, as usual, I talk loudly so she is able to hear everything I am saying. After a while she walks over to our table and introduces herself. Her mom is from Zimbabwe and she has two very close Kenyan friends, both who attend New City. As we chat and exchange pleasantries our waitress walks over to us and we start chatting. I find out that she also goes to NCF. Things get really exciting when the lady at a table behind us also introduces herself and says she`s been to Kenya…and was actually working on some projects for Kenya. What a small world!

But were these accidents, coincidences, or chances that I met these people?   Do I believe in coincidences? The last time I made a similar comment to my pastor, Randy Greenwald, I got a lecture from him. (I said I didn’t believe in luck and Randy got ‘all theological with me’ and proved to me that there`s something called ‘luck’). I do believe that God has a great sense of humor, and I do believe that he uses the most ordinary and extra ordinary means to communicate with us. I think one of the ways God communicates to me (as I stop to listen) is through people.

I have learned not to take for granted people who walk into my life, especially people I run into randomly at coffee shops, churches, on the phone or the corridors of RTS-Orlando. Ked is a witness to some amazing relationships that have come out of such random meetings, with most of these relationships always having to do with the Resource Center. So I am convinced that God is really up to something and that the CRC will go a long way. It almost feels like this is God's way of saying to me, “Son, you are not in this alone” God is encouraging me through these God-sent saints and servants. If you're reading this and you're one of those people I've met randomly, just know God sovereignty planned it, and I'm glad we met!


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