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by Rose Mwai

My darling corruption; you know you don’t have what it takes to have them all;
Look at my beauty (Asks: Am I not beautiful?)
Come look and see; I do have beautiful gifts at very special rates;
If you are lucky you could become what I call “special clients”
Who wants life without the different thrills that life offers?
They may label me but one got to do what they got to do!
How else will I feed my hungry children?

They say love is the answer…
Where was love when bruises covered my body?
Where were you love when I failed the interview because of my skin colour?
Where were you love when the street was our home?
Where art thou?
When you claim that love is the answer? Why are there still many questions in me?
I will look for love where I now know;
Where you seem to get what you actually plant

I need to maintain my youthful looks.
Life is pleasant; I have all I need;
Just a little sacrifice and your dreams come true;
I no longer rely on faith; there are many more other choices;
I will stay on this path that I am well acquainted with; this town needs this beauty;
Nothing can falter my steps; am firmly grounded on my walk.

Plenty and a variety is what I choose;
To have and not to be owned by any other;
To walk shoulder high and show the beauty I behold;
To know that I can have what I want now; I don’t do well with delays;
Just look and tell me; don’t love and happiness ooze out of my life?