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by Rose Mwai

There are many ways that love is deemed to be given;
We all just want to feel that warmth that none other can give;
We are all lost looking in the dustbins of life;
Well we leave the pure, satisfying source;
Blinded by the world’s wisdom;
That only leads to a day satisfaction;
You say of Job being foolish; he knew his wealth was else where;
Yes Joseph may have looked foolish for holding onto a dream; indeed it became true;
You were also known to call me a fool; for leaving paradise just to die on a filthy cross;
Don’t be hasty, please hear me out.

Come feast at the banquet I have prepared for you;
There is enough for everyone;
I have embraced all;
I have chosen to come to this world fragile;
To embrace every life’s experience as you do;
To take every step beside you;
To sketch the map before you even start the journey;
To share my earthly wealth with you and hold nothing back;
I have called you child and offered all my wealth;
I have dressed up in rags so that you may wear priestly robes;
I choose you among the rest; your name is engraved on the palms of my hand;
I value you more than a cattle on a hill top

With the threads of love that I draw you with; my desire is you linger longer;
For my love no cent should be spent and no life should be lost
For this love saturates one with joy;
My hands lead to the safe refuge rock;
My thoughts are constantly occupied with all of you;
I have turned the scarlet to white;
Early riches will only drown you; mine fill thee with a sweet calming peace;
Come celebrate my birth; for this opens all I have to offer;
May your heart be spacious enough for this little child!