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by Rose Mwai

Come along side me; Let me show you what you’ve been missing;
But before you partake what am offering; know this
They say nothing is free for a reason;
My baskets are full of things; who wants to die poor;
I have politely taken from the poor who were not able to take care of what is theirs;
They actually need the help;
Guard what is yours for there are many my kind.

It is just a few days ago when I made acquaintance and see how far he is gone;
Once a beggar, now endowed in the world’s wealth;
My gratifications are for this world; you don’t have to wait for another life;
Life is what you see not some intangible hope or faith;
Who believes that anymore?
The world has plenty but only the swift can benefit;

To you hope I challenge you; you keep saying all it takes is faith;
Who wants faith in this world?
Would you rather I am like Job? No! No! Absolute time wastage;
Why work for a course that only brings pain?
My fellow so called friends or should I call you competition
(addressing despair and prostitution);
Tell it as it while we have the attention of her majesty hope;
Who claims that having faith is all it takes to move mountains.
What is mine is mine is mine to keep

War may rage around me; but I will not deter from this course;
I have been served raw deals before, why should I not do the same?
Grab what u can now; Judas must have learnt that!
You only live once; make the best of it
The life I have been handed leaves me no other options;
I’ve got to rub shoulders with the politically correct;
The ones who make your journey easier to bear;
Who would not want that?